Taking Action

What happens after a meeting is as crucial as what happens in it. MinuteBase gives you powerful actions to enable your team to track their work.

Meeting Actions

Powerful Actions

MinuteBase gives you meeting actions with due dates, multiple assignees, comments and attachments. MinuteBase’s unique design lets you view actions as part of the meeting or separately. For an aerial view MinuteBase let’s you see all actions across meetings, allowing you to filter them by person, date and status.

Multiple Assignees & Due Dates

MinuteBase allows you to assign actions to multiple people. Each person can check the action until it is marked as complete.

Actions Multiple Assignees
Actions Comments

Staying in the Loop

MinuteBase lets you have on-going discussions after your meetings. When comments are added, attendees will see them in their activity feed and in their notifications panel.

MinuteBase also offers the option to send notifications via email, so you don't need to be signed in to see them.