Building the Base

Trying to manage meetings with email, word processors and calendars isn’t easy is it? We didn’t think so either, that’s why we built MinuteBase for ourselves. It worked out so well we decided to sell it.

MinuteBase was founded in 2009 by Richard Livsey and Fabian Sasson. We had worked together on several web applications meeting with customers, gathering requirements, and documenting those discussions with the traditional mix of email, Office documents and calendars. We realised we needed to move beyond what we called “dead documents” – those destined to be printed out and forgotten.

We looked around for better ways of collaboration around meetings, but nothing seemed to fit. We wanted there to be one central place for all our meetings, tasks and documents.

We began to draft ideas about how such an app might look and work. Through 2009 we iterated on the idea, impressing our clients with clean, readable agendas, minutes and actions arriving in their mailboxes ready for sign off or comment. They liked it so much they urged us to start selling it.

In 2010 we launched a beta product and gained thousands users from business, education and non-profit sectors. Our early adopters gave us a huge amount of feedback and we spent time building on what worked and redesigning what didn’t.

In June 2011 we released MinuteBase 2.0 and opened for business.

Richard Livsey

Co-Founder, Development

Fabian Sasson

Co-Founder, Design

MinuteBase LTD
Company No. 07074306

132a East End Road
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+44 (0) 208 444 8847